A pleasant living space is essential for feeling good within your own four walls. And dirt has no place in this cosy atmosphere. Therefore ASTRA doormats ensure that your home stays clean and dirt stays outside. From the cellar door leading out into the garden, to the door to the sleeping area: Our range of doormats consists of three areas: We offer mats for the outdoor area, lobby area as well as for the interior area. Therefore ASTRA can provide the right mat for every threshold – throughout the house. That sense of well-being is guaranteed.

Natural materials, careful workmanship and effective functionality are what make ASTRA mats a quality product. We rely both on what is tried and tested as well as innovation. This is how we create high quality products which are way in front in the market. And we also play our part in ensuring that there are more living spaces in which people really feel good – and that’s also a nice feeling for us too.


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