When will I receive my goods?


The expected delivery date for ordered products is listed on your order confirmation. Normally, the delivery time is 2 business days. If you have any questions, please contact your consultant directly.


What are the delivery times?

Custom-made size rugs: approx. 20 business days
Design rugs + doormats: approx. 7 business days
Border rugs: approx. 14 business days
Aluminium profile systems: approx. 14 business days
AKO products: Please contact your sales rep for further information.

What are the delivery terms and conditions?

Please see our general business terms and conditions on your invoice or in our price lists for information about delivery terms and conditions.


Postal charges are, unless otherwise agreed, as follows:

For a net product value €300.00 and more, free delivery.
For a net product value under €300.00, an additional €15.00 minimum quantity surcharge.
We charge a processing fee of €15.00 for goodwill withdrawals.

Can I design my dirt mat myself?

Yes, Golze gives you the option of putting your company logo, slogan or your own graphic on our Logo Design Mat (item no. 1605).

Are rugs suitable for use with underfloor heating systems.

Yes, all rugs from our private brand ASTRA (custom-size, design and border rugs) are suitable for underfloor heating systems. As a rule of thumb: There is no heat loss as long as it does not cover more than 1/3 of the space.

Does a natural fibre flooring covering have to be glued down?

Yes, it is generally recommended to glue down the natural fibre floor covering over the complete surface. Loose laying is not recommended because of size fluctuations due to humidity and is done at your own risk.

Why does sisal contract while coir expands when exposed to moisture?

This is due to the natural properties of these materials. Sisal fibres stretch when moisture is taken away and contract when moisture is absorbed. Sisal has the characteristic that it shrinks once when moisture is absorbed. Size fluctuations of 2-3% are not unusual here and this must be taken into account when laying the rug. Coir fibres, on the other hand, expand in high humidity and contract when humidity is low.