(Natural floor) Coverings


Surprisingly versatile, natural fibres make a robust and durable floorcovering. Pure or mixed with other fibres they create both drama and harmony in the interior environment. Our modern and colourful collections show that natural fibre is anything but boring. The endless options which the various designs, colours and materials in our range offer, make creating the perfect environment easy. From the private house to the office natural fibre is totally appropriate with its aesthetic characteristics and inherent strengths.

Natural floor coverings are antibacterial and antistatic. Small irregularities in structure and colours make natural floor coverings unique. Floor coverings of natural materials "live". Natural floor coverings react to different spatial relations. Thanks to their breathable features they make a pleasant indoor climate. As natural floor coverings strech or shrink when moisture is taken away or when moisturbe is absorbed, the coverings should acclimatize before laying. In addition, natural floor coverings act noise absorbing and isolating.

Most of our natural floor coverings are available as roles or borderd carpets. Therefore, you have got lot's of possibilities while designing your premises - we have the solution for every of your wishes. Care of natural floor coverings is also very simple.  Rude polutions can be easily removed by vacuuming or brushing.

Thanks to our technically proven ASTRAcare-stain protection wet dirt spillages are given no chance to absorb into the fibres of our floorcoverings. This ex works applied stain repellent provides longterm protection and preserves the beauty of your floor covering during use. Domestic spillages and stains can be easily removed with a cloth leaving no traces. The ASTRAcare-stain protection is available for floor coverings up to 500 x 800 cm.

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