New natural fibre collection Senses

Our new natural fibre collection has been launched


Golze has launched Senses, its new natural fibre collection, just in time for the start of the new season. This collection offers a wide range of colours and structures in the traditional natural materials sisal, coconut and sea grass. The classic Salvador and the tried-and-tested Bangalore are available as runners in five different widths. Sylt is a new addition to the collection. Thanks to the addition of polypropylene, Sylt can be used indoors and outdoors. Six different types of border are available in four different widths for border rugs. Alongside the tried-and-tested materials cotton and linen, the future collection will add new border patterns as well as borders in real leather and microfibre and a border suitable for outdoor use. This opens up a whole range of design possibilities.

Individually crafted border rugs to your preferred measurements take a maximum of 14 days for delivery.

The new products will be shortly available on our website and give you as usúal the possibility to get further information on our natural fibres and have a look on in more detail.

Look forward to our Senses COLLECTION, which leaves nothing to be desired.


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