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Andria - 6511

Art.-Nr.: 6511
Andria is a real all-rounder - Not only in the living room, but also in the kitchen and in the hallway, this carpet is a good figure.

Anzio - 6876

Art.-Nr.: 6876
Our rug Anzio is available in five elegant colours which will add a stylish touch to your home.

Aversa -6977

Art.-Nr.: 6977
We have reinterpreted carpets of the artist Beni Ourain.

Carpi - 6872

Art.-Nr.: 6872
The woven rug Carpi put itself in scene with its natural colours and the stylish design.

Imola - 6533

Art.-Nr.: 6533
With the flat weaved rug Imola you can choose from five fresh and modern colours.

JOOP! Croco - 8010

Art.-Nr.: 8010
Elegant JOOP! carpet consisting of a high-quality mixture of handspun wool and viscose yarns, which provide a special silky shine.

JOOP! Faded Cornflower - 8080

Art.-Nr.: 8080
Pleasantly soft JOOP! carpet with high-quality material mix of first-class viscose yarns and polyester twine.

JOOP! Graphic - 8020

Art.-Nr.: 8020
Modern JOOP! carpet with elegant design in three-dimensional optics. Made of quality materials such as fine chenille yarns and polyester twine.

JOOP! New Curly - 8040

Art.-Nr.: 8040
Carefully tufted carpet of pure polyester with yarn variations of thin and thick fibres for an evenly dense pile.

JOOP! Pattern - 8020

Art.-Nr.: 8020
Woven JOOP! carpet with elegant cornflower pattern.

JOOP! Soft - 8050

Art.-Nr.: 8050
Especially soft JOOP! carpet made of viscose yarns of excellent quality.

JOOP! Touch - 8010

Art.-Nr.: 8010
Noble, hand tufted JOOP! carpet made of hand spun wool and first class viscose yarns.

JOOP! Vintage Cornflower - 8010

Art.-Nr.: 8010
Exceptional JOOP! carpet with a very stylish cornflower pattern. Handspun wool and high-quality viscose yarns stand for expressive materials of the best quality.

JOOP! Woven Uni - 8060

Art.-Nr.: 8060
Fine woven carpet made of high-quality polyester twine.

Livorno - 6260

Art.-Nr.: 6260
With its natural colours and modern design, Livorno adds some magic to the comfiest part of your living room.

Livorno Deluxe - 6267

Art.-Nr.: 6267
The ASTRA classic Livorno receives charming accompaniment.

Matera - 6907

Art.-Nr.: 6907
An exciting quality that makes your home special with 8 eye-catching color variations.

Mia - 6276

Art.-Nr.: 6276
In response to current trends, three new colours have been created for the Mia collection that could not be more beautiful: Two soft pastel shades in blue and green and a strong Mediterranean blue invite you to snuggle up.

Mia - Seat Fur - 6276

Art.-Nr.: 6276
Since furs are no longer just used as carpets for the floor for a long time, we have added a special round dimension to our range.

Mia Lurex - 6282

Art.-Nr.: 6282
In addition to the existing Mia collection, we have selected three bestseller colours and equipped them with a fine Lurex yarn.

Ravello - 6877

Art.-Nr.: 6877
Elegant and uniquely soft, the Ravello is a symphony for the eye and the feet.

Rho - 6522

Art.-Nr.: 6522
A flat weaved rug that is particularly resistant and easy to clean. The natural colours will adapt to all conditions in your home.

Rivoli - 6903

Art.-Nr.: 6903
A fluffy soft feel that convinces, the woven rug Rivoli!

Samoa - 6870

Art.-Nr.: 6870
With the quality Samoa you acquire a high quality woven carpet in modern and classic designs as well as convincing solid colours.

Savona - 6888

Art.-Nr.: 6888
Super soft and unmistakable in colour.


Art.-Nr.: 6013
With its melange look and the small tassels in all four corners, Alura is reminiscent of a Loribaft, the simple nomadic carpet from Persia.


Art.-Nr.: 6011
The Alva hand woven carpet, with its natural two-tone colouring and high low structure, draws a graphic pattern between modernity and folklore.


Art.-Nr.: 6017
Aura is a particularly soft and noble carpet made of high-quality viscose yarns of excellent quality.

SCHÖNER WOHNEN Brilliance - 6670

Art.-Nr.: 6670
Elegant, grace and a touch of sensuality.


Art.-Nr.: 6015
The light hand woven carpet Fora warms the floor like a cuddly sweater warms the body, after all it is made of 95 percent New Zealand wool. You can choose between the three standard sizes 140 x 200 cm, 170 x 240 cm and 200 x 300 cm and your individual special size.


Art.-Nr.: 6308
At Galya you can let your imagination run wild.

SCHÖNER WOHNEN Harmony - 6710

Art.-Nr.: 6710
The polyester quality Harmony takes up the fur character and has a unique effect in 4 natural colors.

SCHÖNER WOHNEN Insula - 6016

Art.-Nr.: 6016
The flat tissue insula plays with our perception.


Art.-Nr.: 6018
The hand woven carpet Luna combines shadow and light with its beautiful weave structure.


Art.-Nr.: 6014
The soft flat weave Miro combines natural wool with shimmering viscose and a shiny lurex yarn.

SCHÖNER WOHNEN Mystik - 6305

Art.-Nr.: 6305
The quality Mystik has its role models in the Orient.


Art.-Nr.: 6019
Naska is the epitome of natural beauty.

SCHÖNER WOHNEN New Feeling - 6161

Art.-Nr.: 6161
The classic New Feeling was revised and adjusted to the current trends.


Art.-Nr.: 6307
Pure - a carpet to kneel down.

SCHÖNER WOHNEN Savage - 6306

Art.-Nr.: 6306
With the carpet Savage from the SCHÖNER WOHNEN-KOLLEKTION you bring colour and still peace into the room.

SCHÖNER WOHNEN Shining - 6660

Art.-Nr.: 6660
With the quality of Shining will be setting new accents in the area of design carpets.

SCHÖNER WOHNEN Tender - 6281

Art.-Nr.: 6281
You do not want to let go of these fur. Once touched, the velvety soft surface enchants all senses and invites you to cuddle.


Art.-Nr.: 6396
With lovingly braided fringes.

SCHÖNER WOHNEN Victoria - 6380

Art.-Nr.: 6380
The already existing quality Victoria is expanded with 5 new trend colors.

SCHÖNER WOHNEN Vienta - 6012

Art.-Nr.: 6012
The modern interpretation of the traditional hand woven carpet is as simple as it is beautiful.


Art.-Nr.: 6309
The flat weave Yucca with the striking chessboard-like weave looks like a sisal carpet, but is made of a synthetic fibre.

Siena - 6999

Art.-Nr.: 6999
The Siena collection is colourful and extravagant.

Trani - 6998

Art.-Nr.: 6998
Trani - Gabbeh meets Orient. We have created this collection for all lovers of historical designs.