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Aluminium mat Elegant Mat - 1870

Art.-Nr.: 1870
As the name suggests, the Elegant Mat is an especially high-quality and elegant door mat.

Aluminium mat Excellence Mat - 1885

Art.-Nr.: 1885
The Excellence Mat is, as with the Exclusiv Mat, an extremely high quality mat.

Aluminium mat Exclusiv Mat - 1880

Art.-Nr.: 1880
The Exclusiv Mat from ASTRA is manufactured to an extremely high standard.

Aluminium mat Super Brush - 1850

Art.-Nr.: 1850
Thanks to its bristle structure, the Super Brush aluminium mat strips off rough dirt.

Boot tray Shoe Star - 257

Art.-Nr.: 257
The Shoe Star boot tray with a stamped shoe motive is excellently suited to taking off and wiping wet, dirty shoes.

Boot tray Shoe Star Big - 258

Art.-Nr.: 258
A must have for each garden owner.

Border Pin - 316

Art.-Nr.: 316
Durable and weatherproof rubber mat for outdoor use ...

Coco Design half round - 9140

Art.-Nr.: 9140
The Coco Design mat features fun, durable flock motifs and a semicircular shape.

Coir mat Coco Brush rectangular and half round - 561

Art.-Nr.: 561
Our coir mat Coco Brush is durable and can withstand any weather.

Coir mat Coco Brush Standard - 560

Art.-Nr.: 560
The classic Coco Brush Standard is a must have for any house or patio door.

Coir mat Coco Deluxe Light - 545

Art.-Nr.: 545
The coir mat Coco Deluxe Light impresses with its extraordinary designs.

Coir mat Coco Design rectangular - 9119

Art.-Nr.: 9119
The flock-printed design of the Coco Design mat exhibits long-term durability.

Coir mat Coco Eco - 555

Art.-Nr.: 555
Coco Eco absorbs fine dirt well, is durable and antibacterial.

Coir mat Coco Glitter - 9128

Art.-Nr.: 9128
The coir mats Coco Glitter shine through their printed glitter designs in noble gloss.

Coir Mat Coco Home - 542

Art.-Nr.: 542
Natural and decorative - these are the designs of the Coco Home mat.

Coir mat Coco Relief - 547

Art.-Nr.: 547
The colorful pattern and the decorated rubber edge make the semicircular coco mat Coco Relief a real eye-catcher.

Coir Mat Coco Smart - 9133

Art.-Nr.: 9133
Coco Smart combines the naturalness of the coconut mat with attractive designs.

Coir mat Coco Style rectangular - 9126

Art.-Nr.: 9126
Discover the variety of different colored designs of the Coco Style mat.

Coir mat Coco Twin - 541

Art.-Nr.: 541
The combination of printed motive, a patterned rubber edge and the octagonal shape makes the Coco Twin a very special gem of your entrance.

Coir mat Rimini - 568

Art.-Nr.: 568
The special feature of our Rimini is its mix of the materials rubber and coir.

Coir matting coloured - 106

Art.-Nr.: 106
Coir velour color mat is available in four colours.

Coir matting natural - 101

Art.-Nr.: 101
Coir matting with vinyl coating, 16 mm height

Coir matting natural - 102

Art.-Nr.: 102
Coir matting with vinyl backing, 20 mm height.

Coir matting natural - 103

Art.-Nr.: 103
Coir matting with vinyl backing, 24 mm height.

Coir matting natural - 104

Art.-Nr.: 104
Coir velour with vinyl backing, 30 mm height.

Cotton mat entra SAUGSTARK - 601

Art.-Nr.: 601
Our entra SAUGSTARK is a cotton mat with especially good absorption properties.

Door mat Border Graphic - 483

Art.-Nr.: 483
Zeitloser Klassiker...

Door mat Border Star - 485

Art.-Nr.: 485
With its narrow, embossed rubber edge, the elegant Border Star door mat is a real eye-catcher.

Door mat Brush Line - 240

Art.-Nr.: 240
The useful door mat in three different colors.

Door mat Poly Brush - 250

Art.-Nr.: 250
Thanks to its high/low structure, our Poly Brush door mat wipes off coarse dirt.

Door mat Power Rib - 460

Art.-Nr.: 460
Thanks to its simplicity, the Power Rib door mat is suitable for any front door.

Door mat rubber pin - 482

Art.-Nr.: 482
The Rubber Pin mat with its combination of ribs and rubber offers a double benefit when stripping the shoes.

Door mat Scraper Line - 487

Art.-Nr.: 487
Thanks to its brush structure, the Scraper Line door mat strips both fine and coarse dirt from the shoes.

Door mat Season - 244

Art.-Nr.: 244
The door mat Season from ASTRA is perfect for all weather conditions.

Dust control Achat - 1610

Art.-Nr.: 1610
The dust control mat Achat absorbs fine dirt and moisture.

Dust control design Deco Brush - 1630

Art.-Nr.: 1630
The decorative cleaning mat with brush function for outdoor use.

Dust control design Deco Print - 1698

Art.-Nr.: 1698
The expressive photo print impresses the ASTRA Deco Print dust control mats.

Dust control design Felicido - 1800

Art.-Nr.: 1800
With our Felicido dust control mats, you can not only beautify your home or your entrance, but also do something good.

Dust control design Homelike - 1676

Art.-Nr.: 1676
ASTRA Homelike is available in many designs.

Dust control design Miabella - 1669

Art.-Nr.: 1669
With the new Miabella living room series, Golze offers "mats for every living area".

Dust control Diamant - 619

Art.-Nr.: 619
The ASTRA dust control mat Diamant is available in six colors and four standard sizes.

Dust control Granat - 610

Art.-Nr.: 610
Our dust control mat Granat collects dirt and absorbs moisture.

Dust control Graphit - 635

Art.-Nr.: 635
ASTRA Graphit is available in six colors, four standard sizes, as rolls and also as cut.

Dust control Jade - 611

Art.-Nr.: 611
Our Jade dust control mat absorbs fine dirt and moisture well.

Dust control Perle - 616

Art.-Nr.: 616
Attractive colours and important functions - the dust control mat Perle combines both.

Dust control Proper Tex Uni - 618

Art.-Nr.: 618
With the ASTRA bestseller Proper Tex you can choose from 10 trendy colors, 6 standard sizes, cuts or rolls.

Dust control Saphir - 617

Art.-Nr.: 617
Our dust-control mat Saphir is available in four colors.

Kira - 452

Art.-Nr.: 452
Kira - a hard-wearing rep rug for indoor use ...

Logo mat Logo Design - 1605

Art.-Nr.: 1605
Our 50% recycled PET Logo Design mats are perfect for printing and are ideal for high traffic areas.

Marmoris - 675

Art.-Nr.: 675
A glossy look and functionality combined in one mat ...

Needle felt mat Basic - 9452

Art.-Nr.: 9452
The needle felt mats Basic keep dirt and moisture away from the living area.

Needle felt mat Breitripsmatte - 462

Art.-Nr.: 462
Our ASTRA Breitripsmatte is available in two sizes and four different colors.

Needle felt mat Eco Rips - 9449

Art.-Nr.: 9449
ASTRA Eco Rips mat is available in two colours.

Needle felt mat Flocky Color - 455

Art.-Nr.: 455
The needle felt mat Flocky Color becomes a real eye-catcher with its durable flock motives.

Needle felt mat outdoor Perfo Rips - 477

Art.-Nr.: 477
Perfo Rips needle felt mat is available in three colors.

Needle felt mat Rib Line Mini Sprint - 459

Art.-Nr.: 459
The Rib Line Mini Sprint is the little sister of the Rib Line Sprint.

Needle felt mat Rib Line Sprint - 453

Art.-Nr.: 453
Our Rib Line Sprint needle felt mat is hard-wearing and is good at both collecting fine dirt and absorbing moisture.

Needle felt mat Rib Line Tandem - 468

Art.-Nr.: 468
Slip-resistant and hard-wearing needle felt floor covering.

Pure & Soft - 1655

Art.-Nr.: 1655
Pure & Soft stands for sustainability, functionality and design.

Rubber mat Dynamic - 327

Art.-Nr.: 327
The rubber mat Dynamic is durable, absorbs coarse dirt and thanks to its wear layer of 100% rubber, it's resistant to all-weather conditions and non-slip.

Rubber mat Eco Living - 425

Art.-Nr.: 425
Eco Living opens up completely new design possibilities.

Rubber mat Pin Mat - 9310

Art.-Nr.: 9310
Thanks to its pimpled structure, the Pin Mat from ASTRA collects coarse dirt and is slip-resistant and weatherproof.

Rubber mat Profil - 324

Art.-Nr.: 324
The profile rubber mat is slip-resistant, collects coarse dirt and withstands all weather conditions.

Rubber mat Quadro - 326

Art.-Nr.: 326
Our rubber mat Quadro is available in three different sizes.

Rubber mat Quadro Light - 9326

Art.-Nr.: 9326
The rubber mat Quadro Light is suitable for all weathers.

Rubber runner Rallye - 370

Art.-Nr.: 370
The ASTRA rubber runner Rallye is suitable for universal use.

SCHÖNER WOHNEN Manhattan - 1689

Art.-Nr.: 1689
Incomparably brilliant motives and colours...


Art.-Nr.: 1688
Discover imcomparable motives...

Scraper Design - 490

Art.-Nr.: 490
Brush-like surface - ideal for coarse dirt ...