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JOOP! Croco - 8010

Art.-Nr.: 8010
Elegant JOOP! carpet consisting of a high-quality mixture of handspun wool and viscose yarns, which provide a special silky shine.

JOOP! Faded Cornflower - 8080

Art.-Nr.: 8080
Pleasantly soft JOOP! carpet with high-quality material mix of first-class viscose yarns and polyester twine.

JOOP! Graphic - 8020

Art.-Nr.: 8020
Modern JOOP! carpet with elegant design in three-dimensional optics. Made of quality materials such as fine chenille yarns and polyester twine.

JOOP! New Curly - 8040

Art.-Nr.: 8040
Carefully tufted carpet of pure polyester with yarn variations of thin and thick fibres for an evenly dense pile.

JOOP! Pattern - 8020

Art.-Nr.: 8020
Woven JOOP! carpet with elegant cornflower pattern.

JOOP! Soft - 8050

Art.-Nr.: 8050
Especially soft JOOP! carpet made of viscose yarns of excellent quality.

JOOP! Touch - 8010

Art.-Nr.: 8010
Noble, hand tufted JOOP! carpet made of hand spun wool and first class viscose yarns.

JOOP! Vintage Cornflower - 8010

Art.-Nr.: 8010
Exceptional JOOP! carpet with a very stylish cornflower pattern. Handspun wool and high-quality viscose yarns stand for expressive materials of the best quality.

JOOP! Woven Uni - 8060

Art.-Nr.: 8060
Fine woven carpet made of high-quality polyester twine.